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1. He is aging fast. 他老得很快。

2. Up to the time of his death,John was one of the most notable figures in our town.JOHN生前是我们镇上最负盛名的人物之一。

3. He was a shrewd and wealthy business-man.他是个精明有钱的生意人。

4. The old man was on the point of death.老人快要死了。

5. To be in the elder’s company is like reading a thick book of de luxe edition that fascinates one so much as to be reluctant to part with.和老年人在一起就像读一本厚厚的精装书,魅力无穷,令人爱不释手。

6. We are all going to be old one day.有朝一日我们都会变老的。

7. Nowadays in North America it’s common to see older people holding hands on the street and I think it’s nice, because they still have some romance left in the relationship.如今在北美大街上常能遇到上年纪的夫妻拉着手,我觉得那样真好,因为那表明他们仍然很浪漫。

口语素材:老年人—— 老人在中国和西方的生活:

It a common tradition in China that children live together with their parents until they are married, and often children still live with the parents after they are married.在中国,孩子们结婚前一直与父母生活在一起是很普遍的,许多人婚后仍和父母共同生活。

In China the grandparents stay on with the family and look after the grandchildren while the parents are at work.中国的祖父母一直和全家人住在一起,儿女们一起去上班时的时侯,他们照看孙子孙女们。

In North America, old people usually live alone. If they are too old to take care of themselves, or if they’re really old, day over 75, then they usually live in old-folk’s homes, nursing homes, or special apartment complexes designed for senior people.在北美,老人们一般是单独生活。如果他们年纪太大生活不能自理,或者已逾古稀之年,比如说过了75岁了,他们便住进老人院、疗养院或专为老年人设计建造的有综合设施的公寓。

I do think that living together with the parents when we marry would be nice for the child’s stability and would also let the parents feel like an important part of the family.我的确认为何老人们共同生活可以使孩子有稳定感,同时也让老人们觉得自己仍是家庭的重要成员。

It looks like it depends on how rich a family is weather to live with the parent when we marry or not.婚后是否与父母一起生活似乎要看一个家庭的富有程度。

That’s the trouble in some cases. Living with people of different generations isn’t always easy. It requires some sacrifices and tolerance of other’s behavior.在有些情况下,那也很麻烦。几代人一起生活并不总是很容易相处的,这需要做出几点牺牲,并能宽容别人的行为。

In China it’s often the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law who don’t get on well enough, until both sides agree to live apart. And it’s socially acceptable if the younger couple help the old couple in ways that are necessary. Well, for example, when the parents are strong enough to live on their own the children are expected to help when needed. When the parents are too old to take care of themselves, they should be moved back to the children’s home where they are properly fed, clothed and sheltered.在中国经常是婆媳关系不好,只要双方同意分家。社会也能接受这种做法,只要小夫妻能以必要的方式帮助两位老人。嗯,比如说,父母体力尚好能独立生活的时候,儿女们只在需要的时候帮忙。父母年事已高不能自理时,让他们搬回儿女家,衣、食、住都能得到周到的照顾。

A common stereotype of older Americans is that they are usually “put away” in nursing homes and forgotten about. Actually, only about 5 percent live in some type of institution. More than half of those 65 or older live with or near at least one of their children. The vast majority of the elderly live alone and take care of themselves. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 75 percent own their own homes. Over a million senior adults live in retirement communities. These provide residents with meals, recreation, companionship, medical care and a safe environment.一般人对美国老人家的刻板印象是被「遣送到」养护院去,然后被人遗忘。然而事实上,只有百分之五的人住在此类机构中,超过半数的六十五或六十五岁以上老人,是与孩子同住或住在其中一个孩子的附近。绝大部份的老年人是自己住并自己照顾自己的,根据美国户口调查局的统计,他们百分之七十五拥有自己的房子,超过一百万名老年人住在退休者的社区中,这些社区为其居民提供饮食、娱乐、友谊、医疗照顾、以及安全的环境。


One important cause of the generation gap in the China nowadays is the opportunity that young people have to choose their own life-styles. In the past, China is more traditional, and when children grow up, they are expected to live in the same area as their parents, to marry people that their people know and approve of, and often to continue the family occupation. But now, an increasing number of young people often travel great distances for their education, move out of the family home at an early age, marry—or live with—people whom their parents have never met and choose occupations different from those of their parents.

Also, the speed at which changes are taking place in China is another cause of the gap between the generations. In the past, elderly people are valued for their wisdom, but now the knowledge of a lifetime may become obsolete overnight. The young and the old seem to live in two very different worlds, separated by different skills and abilities.

口语素材:老年人—— 关于一位老人的病逝,看看你得到什么启发:

At 82 he was ready to die, and I was ready to let him go so that his suffering would end. We laughed and cried and held hands and told each other of our love and agreed that it was time. I said,“Dad, after you have gone I want a sign from you that you are fine,” He laughed at the absurdity of that; Dad didn’t believe in reincarnation. I wasn’t positive I did either, but I had had many experiences that convinced me I could get some signal“ from the other side”.

My father and I were so deeply connected(版主读了后觉得这儿少了个that!!)I felt his heart attack in my chest at the moment he died. Later I mourned that the hospital, in their sterile wisdom, had not let me hold his hand as he had slipped away.

父亲82岁那年,生命垂危,将撒手人寰,我已做好准备,这样他的痛苦能够终止。我们开心地笑,我们痛苦地哭,我们牵着彼此的手,我们告诉彼此是多么地相爱,我们坦然面对这分手的时候。我说,“爸爸,您去后我要您给我个信号,告诉我您一切都好。”爸爸对这荒唐的想法哈哈大笑;他不相信来世转生。不过,我也不能说我就相信,但我有很多经历让我确信我可以从“那个世界 ”得到一些信号。

父亲和我是如此血肉相连,以致他死的那一刻,我胸中也感到他的心力衰竭。后来我很悲哀:医务人员为防传染 ,父亲悄然离世时,没让我握着他的 手 。

口语素材:老年人—— 关于老龄化问题(Old-age Boom)

It’s time-honored virtue to respect the elderly. That’s why their own flesh and blood are supposed to look after them.

Well-being / Farewell is something, because seniors will lead a much more comfortable life.


We all like to imagine that we’re getting wiser and not just older. Most of us enjoy observing the miracle of growth in others, as well. For instance, seeing our children develop and learn new things makes us feel proud.我们都喜欢想象着自己能够越来越有智能,而不只是变老,我们大部份人也同时较喜欢观察别人成长的奇迹。例如:看到我们的孩子长大并学习新的事物使我们感到骄傲。

Growing old is not exactly pleasant for people in youth-oriented American culture. Most Americans like to look young, act young and feel young. As the old saying goes, “You’re as young as you feel.” Older people joke about how many years young they are, rather than how many years old. People in some countries value the aged as a source of experience and wisdom. But Americans seem to favor those that are young, or at least “young at heart.”在美国这个以年轻人为中心的社会中,老化对人们而言并不是一件愉快的事,大部份的美国人都希望自己看起来年轻、行动年轻、并且感觉年轻,如一句古老的名言说:「你感觉自己有多年轻,你就有多年轻。」老年人说自己的年龄时常开玩笑说自己是多少 years young,而不说多少 years old 。某些文化中的人视老年人为经验与智能的资源,可是美国人似乎比较喜欢年轻人,或者至少是「心里年轻」的人。

Many older Americans find the “golden years” to be anything but golden. Economically, “senior citizens” often struggle just to get by. Retirement-typically at age 65-brings a sharp decrease in personal income. Social Security benefits usually cannot make up the difference. Older people may suffer from poor nutrition, medical care and housing. Some even experience age discrimination. In 1987, American sociologist Pat Moore dressed up like an older person and wandered city streets. She was often treated rudely-even cheated and robbed. However, dressed as a young person, she received much more respect. Of course, not all elderly Americans have such negative experiences. But old age does present unique challenges.许多美国的老年人觉得他们的「黄金年代」一点都不黄金。在经济上来说,老年人常是挣扎着勉强度日。退休–通常在六十五岁的时候–使个人收入骤减,而社会保障制度的福利并不能补足差额,老年人常遭遇营养、医疗照顾、和居住环境的问题。有些人甚至曾经碰到年龄歧视的问题,在一九八七年有一位美国的社会学家派特·摩尔装扮成老人在街上游荡,结果人们多半对她很粗鲁,甚至骗她或抢她的东西,可是当她穿著年轻时,人们就对她尊重多了。当然也不是所有的美国老人家都有这样糟糕的经验,不过年纪大确实会遭遇一些特别的挑战。

Ironically, the elderly population in America is expanding-fast. Why? People are living longer. Fewer babies are being born. And middle-aged “baby boomers” are rapidly entering the ranks of the elderly. America may soon be a place where wrinkles are “in.” Marketing experts are already focusing on this growing group of consumers. And even now the elderly have a great deal of political power. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), with over 30 million members, has a strong voice in Washington.而很不幸偏偏美国老年人口又正在扩增中–很快速地扩增,为什么呢?因为现在的人越来越长命,婴孩的出生却减少,而当初在婴儿潮时出生现在是中年人的很快地就要进入老年阶段了,美国恐怕马上会成为一个皱纹「很流行」的国度。行销专家们已经开始注意这群人口持续增加中的消费者,而这群老年人现今甚至在政治上也相当有力,因为美国退休人员协会拥有超过三千万的会员,对华盛顿具相当的影响力。

Despite the challenges they face, Americans in their “twilight years” generally refuse to give up on life. They find a variety of ways to keep themselves active. To help them stay in shape, they may join mall walkers clubs, fitness programs and even the “Senior Olympics.” They can enjoy hours of entertainment at senior centers and adult amusement parks. Many enroll in continuing education programs to maintain their mental skills.纵然他们遭遇挑战,处在迟暮之年的美国老年人通常还是不愿意放弃他们的生活,他们寻求各种不同的方法使自己更有活力,为了保持强健的身体状况,他们参加购物中心的竞走俱乐部、健身课程、甚至奥林匹克老人运动会。他们可以在老人中心和成人公园里逍遥好几个小时,许多人报名参加延伸制教育以维续他们的心智技能。


The young live in the present rather than in the past or future.

The young should feel grateful to the older generation, who has created a good life for them.

The older generation fought in the two world wars. They faced real problems, but the young have an easier life.


有篇文章里有这句There is only one difference between an old man and a young one: the young man has a glorious future before him and the old one has a splendid future behind him: and maybe that is where the rub is. 老年人和年轻人只有一个区别:青年人有光辉灿烂的前景,而老年人的辉煌已成为过去。问题的症结恐怕就在于此。

the rub:困难,障碍。
There’s the rub. 难就难在这儿。
We’d like to travel, but the rub is that we have no money. 我们喜欢旅行,问题是没有钱。
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1.Digital _______________synonymous with speed, precision, and the future.
  (A) technology, like every marketer knows, it is
  (B) technology, similar to what every marketer knows as
  (C) technology, as every marketer knows, is
  (D) technology is what every marketer knows as
  (E) technology that every marketer knows is
1.The correct answer is C
  Choice (C) is correct. It avoids the errors of the original by deleting the unnecessary pronoun “it” and by using the idiomatic “as” in place of the awkward and imprecise “like.”

2.______________makes the area known as Death Valley a desert, but it is by no means devoid of life.
  (A) Because it lacks water, this
  (B) They lack water, which
  (C) Water, the lack of which
  (D) Lacking water, it
  (E) Lack of water
2.The correct answer is E
  Choice (E) is correct. It avoids the awkwardness and wordiness of the original by making “Lack of water” the subject of the sentence.

3.In Costa Rica, coffee, from the highlands, and bananas, produced mainly in the Caribbean lowlands,________________for nearly half the total value of all exports.
  (A) as the most important crops, they account
  (B) as the most important crops, which account
  (C) are the most important crops, accounting
  (D) are the most important of their crops by accounting
  (E) have been the most important crops, which accounts
3.The correct answer is C
  Choice (C) is correct. It avoids the error of the original by providing a main verb (“are”) to agree with the subject of the sentence, “coffee … and bananas.”

4._____________flowers from which the nectar is taken.
  (A) They determine the color and flavor of honey by the
  (B) Honey’s color and flavor is determined by which
  (C) Honey’s color and flavor determined by those
  (D) The color of honey, and its flavor, determined by the
  (E) The color and flavor of honey are determined by the
4.The correct answer is E
  Choice (E) is correct. It avoids the error of the original by removing the unnecessary pronoun “They,” and by using a well-constructed phrase, “The color and flavor … are …

5.New analyses of a fossil ______________ emerged as early as 400 million years ago.
  (A) suggest winged insects having possibly
  (B) suggest that winged insects may have
  (C) suggesting that winged insects, they may have
  (D) that suggests winged insects as having possibly
  (E) that suggest winged insects to have possibly
5.The correct answer is B
  Choice (B) is correct. It avoids the error of the original by replacing the awkward and wordy “suggest winged insects having possibly” with the more precise and idiomatic “suggest that winged insects may have.”

6.________a candidate for the Democratic nomination for United States president in 1972, Shirley Chisholm won 152 delegates before withdrawing from the race.
  (A) One time
  (B) She was
  (C) Being
  (D) To be
  (E) As
6.The correct answer is E
  Choice (E) is correct. It avoids the error of the original by using the preposition “As” to indicate the capacity in which Shirley Chisholm “won 152 delegates.”